Wild, Weird & Sometimes Normal

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Brian McCoach

05 April 2024

49m 13s

E55 Measures - New Jersey Hardcore Band



On this episode I'm joined by the hardcore band Measures. Hailing from Florence, NJ the fellas discuss coming together and making a name in a competitive business. Trevor, Jonah, and Shane give insight into how they started playing music, writing songs, and booking shows. I personally know Shane, so I was busting his chops about not letting me into the band especially since I have an awesome death metal scream. Luckily for you, my mic had other ideas and cut the majority of the dying cat noise, so I'm sorry if there was a hard edit in there as I removed the whole thing. Another bit of business is that my hosting provider added a new feature where it will automatically edit long pauses, the ums, and ahh's out of a conversation. Overall, I think it did pretty good, and I went back and cleaned up some of the harder cuts. Hopefully it gets a little better, and I do too as I keep using it. Anyway, back to the band. An awesome conversation with a great group of guys. Stream their music, attend a show, and let them know you heard them on Wild & Weird. Enjoy the show! 


Music provided by Brett Hagen & Alex Marlys


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