Wild, Weird & Sometimes Normal

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Brian McCoach

12 April 2024

1h 24m 55s

E56 Ben Landis - Independent DMT Researcher Trying to Prove the Nature of Reality



On this episode I’m joined by Ben Landis, an independent DMT researcher. Ben is trying to prove the nature of reality in the DMT realm by using scientific experiments. I find this topic fascinating. This is the 56th episode I've released and by far this is a Top 2 banger. I appreciate every guest I've ever had on, but Episode 2 with Brent "Canadian Earthquake Researcher" Dmitruk, who predicts earthquakes and keeps posting the receipts on Twitter and IG and now Ben have made me think on these topics longer than anyone else. Ben is a modern day neuronaut. He's taken repeated DMT trips, not to talk to the machine elves and forget what they're saying when he returns to the "real" world, he's diving deeper. He's learning the rules of the DMT world and asking for more. The machine elves came and went. A sideshow entertainment attraction. Ben has made friends with an entity he has dubbed "The Gatekeeper." His friend allows him into this world, provides guidance on his mission, lets him know he's on the right track, and offers messages of love and acceptance. This is a great conversation with someone who is inquisitive and certain he can accomplish his goals. Give Ben a follow, check out his Discord, and let him know, you heard him on Wild & Weird. Enjoy the show!    

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