Wild, Weird & Sometimes Normal

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Brian McCoach

15 March 2024

1h 8m 2s

E52 Karen Adolf - 2024 Concert Season



On this episode I'm joined by Karen Adolf. Karen and I have been friends for a long time. We tried figuring out the exact number on the show but then we realized how old it was making it us, and immediately stopped! I love going to see live music, and countless times I've run into Karen randomly at shows. We discuss the 2024 Concert Calendar, focusing mainly on the Philly, NJ, and DE scene. We also cover the first concert each of us went to, the price of concert tickets, where all the local festivals have gone, Corey Feldman, shows we're going to, ones we would consider, and ones that we would skip. Even if you don't live in Delaware Valley, most of these shows are coming to your town too. Karen didn't give out her socials, so if you see someone stealing Jeff Ament's setlist before the show or someone lurking around the Deftones stage a little longer than most, it's probably Karen, so let her know you heard her on Wild & Weird. Enjoy the show!


Music provided by Brett Hagen & Alex Marlys


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